AngieAngela Carolyn, proud owner of Tulare and friends, has had a love and communication with animals from before she could walk, and fell in love with her first Afghan Hound in London in the 1960’s.
With a background in Newspapers, Magazines, Theatre, Film , TV, Music, and Public Relations it has been very natural for Angela to find herself and her beloved Afghan Hounds involved in this business.
This website has been put together to make it easier for our Agents to be able to forward our information to their Clients, so please contact our Agents that we have worked with very successfully in the past. We have them and their wonderful trainers to thank for putting us in the position to be able to work in this great Industry and give our dogs a job.

TULARE my Star

Tulare I met Tulare at Afghan Hound Rescue on 7/9/02. It was love at first sight and an instant bond between us. At that time he was named Tucker. This beautiful creature that looked like a little fawn had been found starving in a barn with horses in Tulare county. His owner was evidently a drunk and did not care. Tulare is the most affectionate afghan I have ever been owned by and so I can’t imagine how he must have felt stuck out there in that barn. Thank goodness someone had the smarts to call Afghan Hound Rescue.

Tulare was extremely nervous when he arrived in Big Bear and trying to groom him was a horrendous affair with him screaming so loud I am sure the neighbours thought I was murdering him. This went on for months – it was awful. One day we took him with us to look at cars and he planted himself and would not move and had to be carried back to the car.

With much love and attention and sleeping practically on top of my head he has become more confident by the day and in October 2003 he did his first commercial for Budweiser which was shown during the Grammys – there he was in the middle of Hollywood filming, and as confident as can be. He had $800 worth of hair extensions in his hair and was so patient when they were gluing them in. Trainers, Actors and Crew all love Tulare as he is so friendly and trainable and just seems to know what to do. He loves working and you can almost see him saying “So when is my next gig”.

Tulare made his stage debut at the Orange County Fair in California going up on stage to represent our breed and then again at the Dog and Owner Look Alike Contestat a beautiful old theatre in San Pedro where he came first and won a ribbon just like the one from the movie “Best in Show”.

Tulare’s Credentials

Budweiser Commercial through Studio Animal Services
Hartz Commercial through Studio Animal Service
Peggy Sirotta for Italian Magazine through Hollywood Animals
Verizon “Can you Hear me Now” through Hollywood Animals
USA Dog Show through Studio Animal Services
British Band The Darkness through Studio Animal Services
NY Times Magazine through Studio Animal Services
Photographs for clothing designer in Venice, CA
Labels & Advertising Canine Rivalry
Glamour Magazine full page spread through Hollywood Animals
Tapestry “Tulare & Velvet”
KIA Commercial through Studio Animal Services
Nutro Dog Food Packging through Hollywood Animals
Valentine's Day Dance & Fashion Show
Doggie Secrets commercial & website
MTV “Sweet 16” through Gloria Winship Sweet Sunshine Animal Actors
Afghan Hound Rescue Calendar
Represented my breed on stage at Super Zoo
On Stage with my Mum at the Dog & Owner Look Alike Contest

Kashmir’s Credentials

Super Zoo in Las Vegas
Model for PJ Fox
MTV "Sweet 16" through Gloria Winship Sweet Sunshine Animal Actors
Kashmir has his Canine Good Citizen Degree
Valentine's Day Dance & Fashion Show
Photographs for clothing designer in Venice, CA

Arial’s Credentials

I am beautiful but a late bloomer and have a mind of my own.

Photographs for clothing designer in Venice, CA

Tazi’s Credentials

I am not crazy about the show ring and prefer photographic shoots where I get a lot more loving and attention.
Angie is my 5th home and I am now confident as I know I am here to stay.

Photographs for clothing designer in Venice, CA

Fazar’s Credentials

As a little puppy my Mum saved me from being dragged along the street by a bum with my little paws bleeding ...and I could hardly walk they hurt so badly.
I am an Afghan Borzoi or BORGAN.

Photographs for clothing designer in Venice CA

Queen’s Credentials

I have been out and about a lot doing
Dog & Owner Matching Outfits with a friend
Went in a big competition in my prom outfit.

Velvet’s Credentials

Modeled for Canine Rivalry
Valentine Day Dance & Fashion Show
Photoshoot for clothing designer in Venice, CA
MTV "Sweet 16" through Gloria Winship Sweet Sunshine Animal Actors
Nutro Dog Food